Making Maps as a Writer

So in my process of making maps of my world, towns, cities etc, I want to share where I am finding the ideas, and how to create each map. As I am not yet finished with my own maps, I will give a list of websites, programs or apps, as most artists use more than one program to create their maps (or so I have found) I wont be posting pictures for this post. But I will tell you which ones I will be using, and once I am finished each map I will write a process blog with pictures – See this example. (If it costs money I will put $ in front of its name)

Computer Programs:

  • $ Photoshop – Number one mentioned program
  • Gimp (I use this)
  • $ Some form of Tablet – Wacom or Bamboo are often mentioned (I use a Bamboo Tablet)
  • $ Artrage (I use this)
  • Inkarnate (I use this)

Apps: iPad

  • $ Apple Sketch (iPad pro)
  • $ Procreate (I use this)
  • $ Pixelmator – cheapest Photoshop like app you can find (I use this)
  • Photoshop Sketch (I use this)

I will continue to update the list as I find programs. I if you have any recommendations, leave a comment 🙂







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