Some Past Writing

First Posted – 2-1-14  

Hello readers!

Today we will be looking at some of my writing! Although I am hesitant to put up any of my awesome plot ideas, in the future I may write-up some paragraphs for a sneak peek and get some feedback on those – that is, of course without spoiling the plot!

Today however we go into my past, all three written in about a 10min time frame in my creative writing subject in session 1 of 2013.

For this first entry we had to describe an event mainly through the smells associated with it.

You are moving, slowly, without effort. The horse beneath you catches your nose and is mixed up with the scent of the salty sea. You can hear the rocks click under the hooves, the seagulls squawking above, bathed in sunlight, which seizes the oceans waves and stretches far across the horizon before you. The leader gives the signal and sticking your heels into the warm soft belly of the horse, your heart beats faster and faster as you begin to fly. The sea water spraying your face smells like fish and seaweed, almost toxic, however so gentle a touch its refreshing having the coolness against your hot skin. As you slow, catch your breath you inhale a fresh waft of warm cow poo, from a freshly mown field just over a small grassy hill. The country on the edge of an island is silent, peaceful and unknown to many.

In that same subject we studied poetry, mostly modern poetry. We looked at list poems and had  to create one of our own; I chose dreams.

1.Apocalyptic Downton Dramas
2.Upside Down Taco Eating Elephants
3.Invisible Warriors Waging War
4.Silenced By Wicked White Walls
5.Lost In Changing Enchanting Chambers

Another week in poetry we got given these three starters for a three verse poem: 1-The way I learned, 2- January mornings, 3- So tonight.  This is what I ended up with:

The way I learned

To sleep at night,

I close my eyes

And think of flying.

The sites I see

Different every time.


January mornings

Burn bright in my eyes,

The sheets kicked off

During the overheated night.

Cold showers to cool

The heat of my awakened skin.


So tonight

When I close my eyes,

I’ll go to a place

I haven’t seen before.

Imagining winters chill fingers,

Overpowering January heat.


And so my lovely readers, please feel free to comment and talk to me. 

Thanks for reading.

Vic x


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