Trains, Melbourne, and New Endeavours


I’d  forgotten how tranquil it is to sit at a train station at 2:30am. 

How the empty pit in your stomach diminishes as you sit, the wheels rolling into action, and the slightly vomit flavoured aroma of the cart sways, rolling with you along the line. The window shows a darkness that cannot be penetrated, street lights have a cone light shape escalating down to the ground, and the lord of the rings soundtrack plays softly in your ear, making you feel like your off on an adventure. And you are.


-Some time, and many drinks later at a bar in Melbourne-

At the lounge the lanterns hang, cobwebs unnoticed, the people lean in closer than the sober society would allow, to exchange words that wont matter in the morning. The bartenders silent and invisible among the masses of groups who dance together and converse dangerous thoughts and ideas that won’t happen, won’t become the words they speak to the ear of the stranger they feel such a connection too at this time. The time of the witches. 

New Endeavours

I am the first to admit, I have no clue where this was going at all. The beauty of writing either sleep deprived or drunk is that you often come back to it and it shows you a magical world within your own, less magical memories. I wrote the first part of this piece at the train station and on the night train to Melbourne, between the hours of 2:30am and 7:30am, the second part, I was highly intoxicated and on a balcony bar in the city. I can’t tell you enough how interested I am to know where exactly my writing was going, my ending is vague and intriguing so I will let you decide for yourself my intentions for it.

I am sharing it with you, a bit later than I had planned but life happens and it seems to take time away from us all. I am sharing it now because I am finally ready to get serious about this blog – I’ve probably said a few hundred times in the past few years I would get serious about it, but other things always held me back, mostly university – with good reason – and the fact I had no real plan or aspiration to get serious about my writing. Now I am finished university, I am planning on publishing my honours work in 2017 and want a career in writing, which I can now focus on, get an expanded experience in and strive towards.

My plan for this blog is to keep you updated with writing tips, as well as doing a weekly writing prompt challenge – I am planning a few at the moment so I might put a post of ideas or what I have planned shortly.

I hope you are excited to read about my endeavours as I am to live them.

Let me know your thoughts with a like and or comment, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll update you all soon.




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