Creating Plants and Potions

This week my focus has been on herbs and plants, deciding whether or not to create my own, or go off plants that are here in our world. I decided a combination of the two might be worthwhile.

First thing here for anyone, especially for those, who like me have no gardening ability or plant knowledge is to research a bit into the types of plants which in our world help as, as well as looking into some worlds which have healing potions and tonics – many video games have some form of healing potion or other such device (depending on the world).


If you find some common plants that have healing proprieties, I have found using their properties and giving them new names and even looks can help in creating otherworldly like plants. Giving them a new name can be more than enough for those who don’t want to draw or write a description for a whole new looking plant. Adding unusual elements to plants that are found in the real world can assist in making your plants seem magical or from another world as well – maybe there are plants that eat humans, or have legs or can use their roots as legs and move, there are a great deal many ideas out there.

For the potions, you can make these up entirely, especially if you have magic or are in a fantasy world. You should remember that not all potions are simply adding a part of the plant to water or mixing it with honey or other substance to give it a harder texture – sometimes the plant part needs boiling, steaming, grinding, dicing or cutting up first so that its properties are used to their full potential or perhaps that’s the only way they can be used.

A good thing to remember with creating plants is that the different parts of the plant might have different functions in potions, it’s flower or fruit might be poisonous to ingest but help stop a bleeding wound, while it’s stem or leaves are harmless to ingest in potions or teas.

A key element in creating plants is that there might be very different plants that have parts which have the same properties as each other, but they might also be of different strengths, or have different side effects.

Don’t forget you characters can also be allergic to one or a number of these plants you create!

Apologies for the late post this week – been busy creating plants and researching.

Stay tuned, next week I will be moving onto creatures! I might even write-up a shirt story from a prompt early next week for posting.



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