Held Fast – A Short Story

A very short story which I thought of in bed one night. Hope you enjoy.


I should have noticed the signs. There were others, many others before me, who had gone missing, or if they had returned to the world, had returned with dark stories and internal scars.

I devoted my life to her. To be chosen was for me, an honour, and I supported her through rain and sunshine. I like to think, looking back, that my time with her was important, that I helped and she needed me. But she used me; tossed me aside after a long hard day, my heart torn apart like an unwanted note.

For a time I lived in the underground, and I met a few who had been through my same ordeal. Meeting them made it real, and like a forgotten object I gathered dust and my life was nothing.

Yesterday everything changed. My world grew full of life, the dust was removed and there was happiness as I saw her again. She greeted me as an old friend would and we had a laugh about our good times. I thought for a moment, perhaps this was the start of something again; another chance.

And now I am right back to where I started, with the others who follow her every word, but now I am the one who has the stories, stories some won’t believe. But still I have hope, hope to be with her again. Hope to be pinned back into her lovely soft hair and out of the bobby pin box once more.

– By VicJWizard


3 thoughts on “Held Fast – A Short Story

  1. Oh this was awesome! I thought it was going to be some kind of dystopian romance or something haha. Why is it that bobby pins disappear so quickly? And when we do finally find one it’s either rusted or dirty? I swear I bought a new box just the other day, but there are NEVER ANY BOBBY PINS AROUND WHEN I NEED ONE hahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes! Plot twist works then ;).
      Mine disappear as well, and occasionally I find them again, and that was my inspiration really, I thought personifying one might be a cool twist. Really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks

      Liked by 1 person

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