It’s okay to put aside ideas.

As a writer, or any kind of storyteller, there are always many ideas floating around, sometimes we write them down and some we don’t – maybe it doesn’t fit with our current idea.

There is always a time in every story we do write down, where we get stuck, commonly called ‘writers block’, and a whole bunch of books, websites etc that give advice on how to conquer this problem. One of them is ‘just keep writing’. However there is a side of this that perhaps isn’t being looked at, and what is under examination is the willpower to get it written instead.
I recently had a breakthrough for my novel, which I have had to put aside for a time due to personal life, and sometimes that does get in the way for all of us. As long as we go back and finish it doesn’t matter how long it took to get there right? I’ve had this novel idea for a few years now, and completed it for NaNoWriMo in 2015. However going back to extend it made me feel it was missing something, that is wasn’t right.
This is me is my ‘writers block’, and actively not pushing this story out to complete it by putting it aside, let me (and it) breath for a time, and of course I was always thinking about it in the back of my mind, even during my hiatus when I couldn’t get into the zone of the story and the world, it was always there.

And that’s the thing isn’t. When it’s a good story it will stay with you.

For myself, not working on it for that time gave me a fresh perspective and new ideas, not only for enhancing the story I was trying to tell, but for other novels that I might one day sit down and write within that world as well.
I am a big fan of writing down as many of my ideas as I can for later, maybe I will find a use for it in a story, or something happens in life and *BAM* suddenly that idea becomes a whole story. There is nothing wrong with putting an idea or story aside for a time until it’s ready to continue – maybe you just don’t have the right mindset or knowledge for that idea – maybe it needs to be put aside so that later you can finish it or add it to another idea or story.

Whatever the case, keep your ideas, just because it doesn’t work now doesn’t mean it won’t later.



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