It’s okay to put aside ideas.

As a writer, or any kind of storyteller, there are always many ideas floating around, sometimes we write them down and some we don’t - maybe it doesn’t fit with our current idea. There is always a time in every story we do write down, where we get stuck, commonly called ‘writers block’, and a … Continue reading It’s okay to put aside ideas.


Showing Through Sensory Writing

Many of us know how to spin a good story, but verbal or written some of us need a reminder, or a guide as to how to spin a good story that our readers, or listeners are going to keep coming back to, or continue to read or listen to. How to get them to … Continue reading Showing Through Sensory Writing

Creating Plants and Potions

This week my focus has been on herbs and plants, deciding whether or not to create my own, or go off plants that are here in our world. I decided a combination of the two might be worthwhile. First thing here for anyone, especially for those, who like me have no gardening ability or plant … Continue reading Creating Plants and Potions

Races, Peoples, Creatures and Characters

Finally, I am getting around to this one, sorry for the delay, but visualising characters was on my mind! There are a few things I want to talk about today and the importance of writing without writing is one of them. This might sound a little odd, how can you write without writing? The answer … Continue reading Races, Peoples, Creatures and Characters

Visualising Characters

If you are like me and prefer to have a visual character aid while you write but can't really draw very well, then don't get disheartened. I am lucky enough that I can create basic characters and send images to a close art friend who is taking them to the next level for me. But … Continue reading Visualising Characters

Benefits of world building.

Writing is hard. As a writer I can say I've had amazing ideas and even written them down - when possible, these things never come to you at the right moment - and I have always struggled to continue on with the characters and worlds I created in those moments. This is where world building … Continue reading Benefits of world building.

Making Maps as a Writer

So in my process of making maps of my world, towns, cities etc, I want to share where I am finding the ideas, and how to create each map. As I am not yet finished with my own maps, I will give a list of websites, programs or apps, as most artists use more than … Continue reading Making Maps as a Writer

Inkarnate – Map Making

So I have previously used free software to create maps and have been severely disappointed with the results. This week I found a beta website which has alleviated my problems of not wanting to spend a lot of money to create a magical land for my writing.  Together, we created this masterpiece: I have … Continue reading Inkarnate – Map Making