Moving blog site!

The time has come for me to move blog site, to a bit more of a professional - I guess - setting. So head over to  to find all the old posts and find new ones as I post them, as well as updates on a novella series I am working on! Vic


Held Fast – A Short Story

A very short story which I thought of in bed one night. Hope you enjoy.   I should have noticed the signs. There were others, many others before me, who had gone missing, or if they had returned to the world, had returned with dark stories and internal scars. I devoted my life to her. … Continue reading Held Fast – A Short Story

Trains, Melbourne, and New Endeavours

Trains I'd  forgotten how tranquil it is to sit at a train station at 2:30am.  How the empty pit in your stomach diminishes as you sit, the wheels rolling into action, and the slightly vomit flavoured aroma of the cart sways, rolling with you along the line. The window shows a darkness that cannot be penetrated, … Continue reading Trains, Melbourne, and New Endeavours

Novembers End.

Coming to the end of November I can say I've been lazy in my writing this month. Working on my Encyclopedia has been difficult, creating a timeline, maps religions are the only things I've done - some of these are still ongoing -  there is a whole world of information like languages, animals, plants and … Continue reading Novembers End.

Some Past Writing

First Posted - 2-1-14   Hello readers! Today we will be looking at some of my writing! Although I am hesitant to put up any of my awesome plot ideas, in the future I may write-up some paragraphs for a sneak peek and get some feedback on those – that is, of course without spoiling the … Continue reading Some Past Writing

NaNoWriMo16 is Here!

The National Novel Writing Month is upon us already! Good luck to everyone who is participating, may you have lots of coffee and your brain not explode over the next month. As my project is a little different I will becounting by pages instead of words this year! My aim is four pages a  day, … Continue reading NaNoWriMo16 is Here!


Welcome to my new and improved blog! I want to start this blog off nice and fresh, with a new vibe of writing and writing tips for other writers. This year I'll be doing something a bit different, last year during NaNoWriMo I won - making it to the 50k words in the 30 days … Continue reading Welcome!